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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Move to Action

Hi Maizey Folks! This new year, I have decided that in addition to working hard to care for my corn allergic lovey in a corn based society, I will be more proactive in calling attention to corn allergy and working for change. FAAN has made such huge progress with the publicity of the Top 8. Here, however, is the problem; because FAAN really only acknowledges the Top 8, other frequently occurring food allergies get completely ignored including corn – which is in the Top 10.

Here’s what I think we should do…

  1. Call, write and/or email senators, congress people, government officials and as my Dad would say, “even the dog catcher”.
  2. Call, write and/or email FAAN. Be vocal! Peanut parents did a GREAT job – we need to follow their lead.
  3. In your local school (if your kids attend) be loud – be vocal!
  4. If you encounter a restaurant/establishment who is particularly accommodating,  write them! Write their headquarters! Email your local news network!

Let’s make this a year of pro-activity! Do you have more ideas? I LOVE COMMENTS!