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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Frugal Finds – Baking Soda

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about the many uses of hydrogen peroxide. Well, it’s time for another edition of frugal finds and this time, we are talking baking soda. So many of the cleaning products we use have toxins which are dangerous to all kids and pets. When you also consider that many of those same cleaners contain corn, you get a very hazardous condition for your corn allergic lovey.

Most of us use baking soda to freshen up the fridge and freezer, and of course several baking recipes call for baking soda, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.


  1. Shampoo! It’s natural and works great.
  2. Deodorant (apply with a powder puff).
  3. Facial scrub (bye-bye blackheads).
  4. Toothpaste (either by itself or make a paste with hydrogen peroxide).
  5. Add ½ c. to bathwater to soften skin.
  6. Soothe bug bites.
  7. Soothe sunburn and windburn.
  8. Soothe poison ivy.
  9. Bathe baby in a bath with baking soda to relieve diaper rash.
  10. Antacid (1 tsp. baking soda in a half glass of water).
  11. Relieve canker sores.
  12. Draw venom out of jellyfish sting.
  13. Draw venom out of bee sting.
  14. Add a teaspoon to a vaporizer to relieve a stuffy nose.
  15. Take the funk out of dishrags.
  16. Sprinkle in trash can to alleviate stinky garbage syndrome.
  17. Sprinkle on a sponge to gently clean marble, stainless steel.
  18. Use it to clean the bathroom (sink, faucet, tub, toilet outside and in).
  19. Remove crayon from walls.
  20. Soak combs and brushes in it.
  21. Clean coolers and water bottles with it to alleviate stale smells.
  22. Run through coffee pot to clean.
  23. Run through dishwasher to clean.
  24. Add a teaspoon to the water in your vase to keep the flowers fresh longer.
  25. Put in ashtray to alleviate smell and control smoldering.
  26. Sprinkle in shoes to get rid of the funk.
  27. Put on a windshield and rub inside and out to repel rain.
  28. Put around your flowerbeds to keep rabbits from a smorgasbord.
  29. Wash fruits and veggies! (The store bought stuff has lots of corn.)
  30. While soaking dried beans, add soda to mute the fruit.
  31. Put 1/2 c. in wash machine with each wash to deodorize and brighten.
  32. Pour on greasy spots on garage floor to clean.
  33. Soak pans with burned on food for 10 minutes to ease cleaning.
  34. Clean retainers and dentures.
  35. Soak and wash cloth diapers.
  36. Clean the grill grate.
  37. Polish silver.
  38. Mix with toothpaste for a cheap spackle.
  39. Take scratches out of CDs (NOT DVDs) – take a wet paper towel and dip in baking soda- rub CD gently.
  40. Put 1 tsp. soda and 1 pint water in a spray bottle to douse grill flare ups.
  41. Clean and deodorize fishing gear.
  42. Remove porcupine quills from the dog. Mix 1 tsp. soda with 1 c. vinegar – apply and let sit for 10 minutes. Reapply and wait another 10 minutes, the quills should come out easily.
  43. Remove skunk smell from Fido.
  44. Deodorize the dog between baths – sprinkle with soda and comb thoroughly.
  45. Deodorize a mattress after an “accident”.
  46. Sprinkle on icy stairs and walkways.
  47. Clean stuffed animals. Place 1 c. soda in plastic bag, put animal in and shake well. Wait 15 minutes, then use hairbrush to remove soda.
  48. Clogged drain? Pour in 1/2 c. soda, then put in 1 c. vinegar. Let foam for 10 minutes, then follow with very hot water.

Do you have other uses for baking soda? Please share!