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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Creamed Corn Blues

There are days, many of them, when Sissy gets overwhelmed by her allergy. When there's a birthday party at school and she is eating something different than everyone else; when we go out to eat and D.B. has the Rootin' Tootin' kids meal, and she has an unseasoned chicken breast and plain vegetables she gets the blues. It's hard for a little person to be different from the crowd.

Even the best substitutions don't quite cut it when you're 6 and your friends are pigging out on stuff that could kill you. It gets equally overwhelming for mom and dad who wish that they could make the allergy go away and are exhausted from being terrified about all the things that could potentially hurt their child. So I have been brainstorming ideas to have non-food related fun to include everyone!

1.     Run through the sprinklers.

2.     Take a walk and collect leaves.

3.     Learn pig-latin.

4.     Make funny faces on the window with dry-erase markers.

5.     2 words...DANCE PARTY!

6.     Make up a story.

7.     Talk into a fan and sound like an alien.

8.     Jigsaw puzzle

9.     Board games

10.   Play dress up.

11.   Make flashlight shadow figures.

12.   Twirl!

13.   Lay in the grass (on a blanket) and check out cloud shapes.

14.   Go to the park.

15.   Read a book.

16.   Look at family pictures.

17.   Make a tent with blankets.

18.   Tie Dye something!

19.   Take up a hobby - knitting, stamp collecting

20.   Write a letter.

21.   Draw a picture.

22.   Play catch.

23.   Back yard race

24.   Summersault contest

25.   HUG!

Do you have ideas you would like to share? We'd love to hear from you!


WalkingShark said...

I find playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends to be relaxing and a good way to distract me from not being able to eat anything. Until they break out the snacks that is. On the other hand, while they're snacking on cheap junk from a factory I can whip out a home-made pizza that I cooked from scratch and devour it in front of them. I say fight fire with fire!

Shauna said...

Thanks WalkingShark! You'll have to share your recipe with us!