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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Epinephrine shot how-to

Most parents are lucky enough to have never have given their child an epinephrine shot. Unfortunately it is something I am all too familiar with. But for those who have never given a shot, it can be scary. How do I give it, how does it work? Here is the how to. Feel free to print and post somewhere you will see it in an emergency.

* Know in advance that when you give an epinephrine shot, you must immediately seek emergency medical attention - go to an ER or call 911 for an ambulance.

* Know the signs of a reaction and act quickly - every minute counts when you are addressing an anaphylactic reaction.

* You may need another person to help hold down your kiddo while you administer the shot. If you are alone, WebMd recommends that you place your leg over your child's upper body to keep them still.

The last time I had to administer an epi-pen to Sissy, we were at a high school football game. When I took out the shot she bolted! The good news is she tripped and fell on the grass by the paramedics. I was able to give the shot and have medical attention right there. Since then, however, we have talked about why we can't run from getting a shot.

1. Grasp the shot firmly with the black tip pointing down. DO NOT TOUCH OR PUT YOUR FINGER OVER THE BLACK TIP. Remove the gray cap.


2. Hold the black tip close to your child's outer thigh. Press the black tip firmly into your child's thigh (through clothing if necessary). The injector should be at a 90-degree angle to the thigh. DO NOT give the shot in the buttock or a vein.

3. Press firmly until you hear the "click" or "pop". Count slowly to 10.

4. Remove the injector and rub the area where the medicine went in. Look at the black tip, if you see the needle, then your child has received the shot. If not, your child has not received the shot and you need to repeat steps 1-3.

5. Get medical assistance immediately.


For more information check out these sites:

Or contact your doctor.